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Microblog: The Dose Makes the Poison – Glyphosate GMO Foods

Microblog: The Dose Makes the Poison – Glyphosate GMO Foods

We don’t talk much about glyphosate and genetically modified plants in the carnivore community, but it’s a big deal. So much so that in @CarnivoreCure, I have a whole chapter talking about genetically modified foods.

🌾Most GMO foods use herbicide sprays that are toxic for the human body. These sprays kill everything but these super-crops. But the dose in labs per the amount sprayed was shown to be safe for humans.

👨🏻‍🔬So when you talk to any pro-GMO person, they say the dose makes the poison. And in the case of GMO herbicides, they are not toxic to human health.

❓Well, did you know that some cancers have been confirmed to be caused by GMO herbicide use?

🧪All toxins are studied to determine their acute toxicity, defined by a dose that would kill at least 50 percent of the sample rodent population. This acute toxicity is referred to as the Lethal Dose 50 (LD50): the lower the LD50, the more toxic the toxin.

🚨Monsanto, is one of the first companies to create these GMO seeds and sprays. Their product is called glyphosate and while it has been considered safe per the LD50, it’s not. They have 1,000s of legal cases going on but they insist it’s safe.

Is it?

⚠️See, the LD50 only tests for immediate exposure toxicity. But we are inundated with these herbicides. If you eat organic plants, they get some of these toxins by way of proximity. They are in our waters. They are sprayed on most playgrounds and public parks.

‼️And the half-life of glyphosate is 47 days. It takes 47 days for the toxin to reduce in half. If a kid plays on a playground every day and then eats cheerios and other plant-based foods, is the dose really acute?

🐄The only real protection again GMO is meats. Even if your grain-fed animals eat GMO plants, there is protection. Read @CarnivoreCure as to how.

🇩🇪Bayer, a pharma company based in Germany, purchased Monsanto and then just one year into ownership, Germany banned all use of glyphosate?

⛔️So the parent country of glyphosate allows the herbicide to be sprayed all over the world, but not in it’s own country. That’s more than reason for me to limit plant-based foods.

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