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Microblog: The Best Strains for Gut Health Are Unknown

Microblog: The Best Strains for Gut Health Are Unknown

Since I focus on gut healing with a meat-based elimination diet, most of my clients are on a gut protocol.

🚫But I don’t prescribe to X strain fixes Y imbalance. This is allopathic standard care. Our bodies are more complicated that one strain fixing/causing all issues.

💊I use probiotics in my practice because clinically, they’ve shown to support the gut. But I only continue with them as I’ve seen efficacy. Clients with diarrhea, food intolerance and skin conditions have healed. But I’ve seen histamine responses to the same probiotics (not often but happens with a hyperactive immune system).

⛑I use these not necessarily because of the strains but because they work. For more than 85% of my clients, they help.

❗️The same company sells prebiotics. I was excited to try as studies showed promising results. But it caused cravings, bloat and low mood for myself and some of my clients. Maybe it doesn’t work for carnivores.

⚠️Studies can show a lot. That’s why in @CarnivoreCure I talk about the power (and danger) of studies. I stick to what shows healing in my clients.

❓A lot of you are asking about prebiotics and the specific strain, Akkermansia muciniphila (A.m). Let’s discuss.

📚Studies show that polyphenols (berries) increase A.m. But some studies show reducing fiber increases A.m. Fasting and fatty fish can also increase A.m. The strain also increases on a ketogenic diet.

⚠️Studies show with less A.m in the gut, there are correlations with increased obesity. But there are no probiotic or drugs on the market to increase the strain.

🧬The Bifido strain, melatonin (sleep hormone), inulin (prebiotic fiber), and metformin (T2D drug) have shown to increase A.m.

❓Should we be taking these because of correlation studies?

🚨The name “muciniphila” means mucus-lover, for A.m’s ability to feed on the mucous lining of the intestine. A.m can survive by overconsuming the mucous lining of the intestinal tract, thinning it to nearly nothing.

🚨Maybe why high amounts of A.m has been seen in multiple sclerosis progression. Make sense, MS is autoimmune.

💡No one knows with certainty what gut bugs make for a good microbiome. But I’d pause on allopathic care solutions.





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