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Microblog: Symptom Burden Assessment – Find the Root Cause of Your Symptoms

Microblog: Symptom Burden Assessment – Find the Root Cause of Your Symptoms

In @CarnivoreCure I talk in lengths about getting to root cause healing. And one of the main root cause issues is gut imbalances. Gut imbalances can range from issues in the mouth through the digestive process, ending with a bowel movement.

❓So what is root cause healing?

💉It’s focusing on healing root cause issues and NOT treating the symptoms (standard-care).

⚠️None of the symptoms or diseases should be considered “normal” or “just genetics.” We need to focus on the root cause of why we are affected by these illnesses.

🚨If you have autoimmune, it’s time to heal the gut. The proteins in your foods leak from your gut into your bloodstream, causing foods to be assaults in the body. And similar proteins in your own body’s makeup are now assaulted.

🚨Don’t use medication to tame your psoriasis. That medication may cause gut imbalances and hormonal issues.
Without gut health, you don’t have health. To save some skin, you risk your entire well-being.

⛑In my practice, we get to root cause healing—always working on the gut. Most of my clients improve their thyroid health, amenorrhea, sleepless nights by healing the gut and eating a high fat carnivore diet (80% fat, 20% protein).

🔍My symptom burden (SBA) is one way I support clients and assess the total symptom load, identify health areas of priority, and track overall progress.

🥩I initially needed gut support with my meat-only elimination diet, some HCl, digestive enzymes and probiotics. I can thank an eating disorder, laxative use, antibiotics, and the SAD diet for my wrecked gut. But gut support with a meat-only elimination diet is power.

💡Don’t focus on symptoms. Get to the root cause. Challenge your doctor and the symptoms being addressed. You may be swamping one toxin for another.

✅Make sure to follow as I’ll be discussing gut health. After all, I dedicated a whole chapter to the digestive process in @CarnivoreCure.

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  • Eugenia
    February 18, 2022 at 3:12 am

    Hello, dear Judy!
    I am writing to you from Ukraine. I am working on healing my gut. Is there a possibility for me to take SBA by my own? It is very pricey for me to take your consultation.


    • admin
      March 1, 2022 at 9:37 pm

      Yes, you can order the symptom burden and I can send you your results. No session is required.

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