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Microblog: Stress Can Cause Damage to Your Body

Microblog: Stress Can Cause Damage to Your Body

I’ve been talking about managing stress because stress does a lot of damage to the body.

❗️Stress raises our overall need for the adrenals to pump out more cortisol.

❗️Chronic cortisol prioritizes the endocrine system to focus on making cortisol.

❓What do you think happens to the thyroid and sex hormones (bye-bye).

❌If we remove processed high carb, high seed-oil toxins, then we lessen the load on the adrenals to manage imbalanced blood sugar levels to support the glucose-insulin rollercoaster.

💡But we still need to support the adrenals by lowering life stressors AND the way we view and handle stressors. If we don’t, we will never feel optimal health.

🔥This is why when women get into menopause, they get hot flashes.

The ovaries are handing over hormone production to the ALREADY taxed adrenals.

🔥Those hot flashes are the SAME output your body has when you are about to go in for a big interview. Same sweating. Same nervous system process.

🤔Maybe if we support our adrenals earlier on, we won’t have as terrible menopausal symptoms.

📊Lately with HTMAs, I’ve been seeing the detriments of stress on our minerals (electrolytes). This is why when we work out or have a stressful outburst, we actually need to replenish minerals.

💡Everything our body does and produces, REQUIRES nutrients. Any imbalance will impair normal function. It’s really that simple.

🥩So when you start eating meat-based, you win more as you eat the most nutrient-available, nutrient-dense foods.

🥬Now the HTMA world loves veggies for minerals. I’ll share a post soon about my take on that. But most of our plant foods are depleted of minerals. Thank the GMO soils for that.

Much more on this but for now, know when our minerals get imbalanced, the body starts to show imbalance. I’ll share mineral loss progression soon.

⚠️Stress = cortisol output. (and burns through minerals)
⚠️Chronic stress = chronic cortisol output.
⚠️Chronic cortisol output = inflammation in the body (things begin to break down).
⚠️Chronic cortisol output = thyroid, sex hormones take a backseat.

‼️MANAGE STRESS. YOUR HEALTH DEPENDS ON IT. (It’s not the lack of veggies.)







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