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Microblog: Steroid and Cortisol Pathways (Part 1)

Microblog: Steroid and Cortisol Pathways (Part 1)

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The Carnivore community tends to get pulled by lean meats for body composition vs. high fat for hormones vs. carbs are necessary.


⚠️Too high of fat requires more calories. To hit 80% fat macros with sufficient protein will require A LOT of calories— for temporary healing it may be a tool but it’s not sustainable long term.


💡Lean meats don’t always work long term because hello, hormones. (This is when most people will start to throw in the carbs that were the issue from the beginning 🤷🏻‍♀️).


So the the camp of “carbs are necessary.”


❓Really? Or is it that you were eating super lean protein or leaner meats for too long to hit a number on the scale, and now you’re paying for it with hormone and thyroid issues?


🥩If we eat fatty meats (usually that’s 70% fat in macros) and use fat levers on some days (and some days not), it usually works out on its own.


Consistency is king, here.


🚨But keto and carnivore tax your adrenals (cortisol)!!


🥴Or you under-ate, overtrained, overfasted and didn’t clean up your lifestyle stressors.


🤯Everything taps cortisol, especially blood sugar dysregulation. You can blame the diet or the lack of carbs, but the truth lies within your diet and lifestyle.


🧐If you really believe no one can do keto or carnivore long term, how are people doing it?? How are some tribes doing it? Even if they find a special berry, they are still eating low carb.


Oh yes, they’re probably cheating. 😉


⛑️Sometimes common logic trumps all the noise in the wellness space. Find what works for you but don’t get fearmongered by people that advocate their n=1 or what course/group/supplement they’re selling.

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