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Microblog: Stand for What You Believe

Microblog: Stand for What You Believe

Stand for what you believe. Because this is how we evoke change.

When I first started NwJ, I was much more cautious with my shares. To be honest, I wanted to be liked and accepted.

Since writing @CarnivoreCure that has changed.

🐄I stand strong with my beliefs: in personalized meat-only Carnivore being the best approach for chronic illness to standard care’s nutritional advice being wrong (fiber, cholesterol, faux-meats).

🥩We’ve been duped with the recommended dietary allowances, and just about everything else (organic plants doesn’t always mean better).

🔥Disillusionment is putting it mildly.

⚠️In the wellness space, I’ve seen ideologies pushed because they worked for X person. Well X person isn’t everyone. Dogma goes out the door when you have a clinical practice. Every patient challenges you to rethink and eat some humble pie.

⛑And Pro Tip: removing seasonings or adding more organs or carbs are rarely the missing link.

🎙I stand for empowering the people. I will admit when I’m wrong and I’ll always strive to remain open.

💣I’m not here to be popular (this is not high school). Sorry, I don’t speak BS. It’s also why I follow such few accounts. I protect my eyes and ears to protect my mind and heart. (As should you).

📣There’s no medal for compliance or a right way to carnivore for every single person (or any diet for that matter).

🥩We also should be accepting of all unadulterated meats. If you think grain fed is nutritionally worse than grass finished, you haven’t done enough homework.

💰Most of all, wellness should never be limited to the wealthy. (Proverbs 31:8-9)

📢I will stand for what I see in my practice and what I find in evidence-based research. And I know full well: Two roads diverged and I took the one less traveled. (But for me) that has made all the difference.

💡I’ll continue to learn and share what I learn. I’ll bring up hard topics because I want our communities to heal and thrive. Because we all deserve the right to live life to the fullest and symptom-free.

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