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Microblog: Spotlight Sunday Is with @thankful.carnivore

Microblog: Spotlight Sunday Is with @thankful.carnivore

On Sundays, I spotlight one of your inspirational carnivore stories to share with the community.⠀

🔦Spotlight Sunday is with @thankful.carnivore.⠀


Carnivore Diet Community Spotlight

For over 40 years I suffered from major depression. I was an angry depressed person who experienced extreme dissatisfaction with EVERYTHING in my life: I wasn’t good enough, nothing was ever good enough. After a time, I became unable to perceive my immediate environment accurately. Depression filtered every thought, feeling I had. Everything I heard was altered by my illness & never in my favor.⠀

🥩ANXIETY: I suffered from crippling anxiety for decades. Panic attacks were common & very debilitating. Once & called EMS because I was certain I was having a heart attack. They even gave me nitro-glycerin during the ambulance ride. Fortunately, my heart was fine, but the anxiety was a nightmare that was thankfully over.⠀

🥩INSOMNIA: Since the age of 15 getting to sleep & staying asleep was an issue that made every aspect of my life more difficult to manage. Thankfully, I sleep very well now!⠀

Tips for Going Meat-Based


1️⃣KEEP IT SIMPLE: This is how I was taught to do the Carnivore Diet by the folks at Zeroing In On Health on Facebook: Only eat when hungry. When hungry eat meat till you are not another bite full. Only eat the meat YOU crave & can afford. NEVER put sweet tastes into your mouth. Follow the directions & you will reap the rewards!⠀

2️⃣TRUST YOUR BODY: When we stop consuming toxins & only eat human absorbable nutrition our bodies are capable of great healing. Give your body the nutrition it was designed to process & utilize!⠀

3️⃣BE PATIENT: Our bodies heal according to the needs of the body & not the ego. You cannot rush or force the healing to happen. It must happen naturally or it won’t happen at all. Remember, it took years of consuming toxins, sugar, carbs & plants to cause our illnesses. It might take weeks or months before your healing goals are met. Patience is a must!

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