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Microblog: Snack Swaps: Potato Chips vs. Pork Rinds

Even to my shock potatoes have a pretty decent amount of nutrition.

⚠️But potatoes have their share of risks.

🧪Many potatoes are modified with fortified nutrients. We don’t know how natural these potatoes are and what these added nutrients do to our body.

🍟If we consider how we eat potatoes, they’re usually as chips or fries—lathered in seed oils and forms of MSG.

🔎Even if potatoes are all natural, here’s some of the antinutrients from @carnivorecure’s Nutriment food toxin database: (only listing high and above antinutrients)

🔻Polyphenol (yes it can be an antinutrient in excess)
🔻High in Glycemic Index

⚠️If you suffer from gut issues or autoimmune illness, nightshades should probably be avoided.

🔥Nightshades (solanaceae) can stimulate an autoimmune disease to flare up.

🥔In fact, potato poisoning is a diagnosable illness.

🚨Potatoes and many other nightshades contain compounds such as solanine and other chemical plant toxins. Solanine is toxic to humans, often leading to systemic inflammation.

🔥The National Library of Medicine found that chemical plant toxins in nightshades can cause autoantibodies to cross-react, causing an increase in autoimmune disease.

🌟Removing nightshades was found to decrease inflammation as well as lower pain in joints and muscles and reduce brain symptoms.

❓So what’s the solution to lowering your risk of all of the above? It sure isn’t removing PUFAs.

⚠️While potatoes have a lot of nutrients, it also comes with a lot of antinutrients (plant toxins).

🐖Pork rinds never sounded so good.





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Snack Swaps: Potato Chips vs. Pork Rinds


Snack Swaps: Potato Chips vs. Pork Rinds


Snack Swaps: Potato Chips vs. Pork Rinds
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