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Microblog: Skip the Deodorant, Throw Out the Antiperspirant

Microblog: Skip the Deodorant, Throw Out the Antiperspirant

We apply deodorant to our armpits to block smells.⠀

🥵But why do we sweat in the first place? Sweating occurs as one of the body’s primary ways to detox. Then if we are preventing our bodies from sweating (detoxing), where are we sending the toxins that our bodies are trying to flush out?⠀

☠️Most of the toxins get sent to the lymph system, which is the bodies defense against infection. Cancer is often spread throughout the body when cancerous cells break from a tumor and travel to another location in the body (via the lymph system).⠀

⚠️The lymph system works by flushing out some of our toxins through our armpits. So when the glands in our armpits are blocked, our breasts are close by to take in the toxins. In fact, antiperspirants may be linked to breast cancer.⠀

👨🏻‍🔬Researchers also think antiperspirants may increase cancer risk in other ways. In lab tests, aluminum and zirconium have been found to enter cells and cause mutations in DNA that could lead to cancerous growth. One study showed a link between men using antiperspirants and the rise in breast cancer.⠀

🔎Yes, deodorants contain Aluminum. Aluminum is an ingredient found in antiperspirants and works to completely stop perspiration but has been linked to health issues. This is why I’ve also been trying to lessen our use of aluminum foil while cooking meats.⠀

❓Other toxins in deodorants and antiperspirants?⠀

🚫Parabens (mimics estrogen and can throw off body’s hormonal balance), propylene glycol (originally formulated for antifreeze and is a neurotoxin), phthalates (increased likelihood of cell mutation and hormone disruption), and triclosan (per FDA, classified as a pesticide and probable carcinogen by the EPA). In fact, the American Medical Association now recommends that triclosan and other antibacterial products not be used in the home as they may encourage bacterial resistance.⠀

⚖️The natural options aren’t as effective as the chemicals but they are better alternatives. Many carnivores notice they have less body odor when eating strict carnivore. Do yourself a favor and instead of grabbing antiperspirants, try opting for more meat. You may just need less antiperspirants.

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