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Microblog: Purines and Gout on Meat-Only Carnivore

Microblog: Purines and Gout on Meat-Only Carnivore

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I only researched gout because a couple of my clients were still having flares on a carnivore diet.

🔥Yes, the flares were much less frequent but still persisted occasionally (instead of having none).

🍯When I went through my client’s diet, he didn’t eat fruit, honey, (any fructose), liver or alcohol.

🐄Then we went through his supplements and found he was taking a liver glandular recommended by his functional doctor.


⚠️When I first talked about excess liver consumption, the concerns were only around hypervitaminosis A and copper toxicity.

⚠️As I researched gout and uric acid levels, I found that purine can also be problem.

🔎Purines are the breakdown product of foods rich in DNA.
I’ll share a list soon but here’s one: https://elevatehealthaz.com/wp-content/Purine%20Table.pdf

🐟Purines are also high in sardines and small fish.

🍵Some teas with theobromine (highest in purines) can also be an issue.

If you don’t struggle with gout, these foods may not be an issue.

But anything in excess is never ideal.

💡If we eat liver, we should eat it in the proportions and frequency that is similar to what’s found in an animal.

⚠️This everyday eating of liver has never ever been seen in history.

🦭Maybe if you’re a seal or polar bear but we don’t eat their livers as we can die from the acute vitamin A poisoning.

❓Do you find it strange that vitamin A can cause acute poisoning? What other vitamin does that?

🤔Something to think about with chronic exposure, even in smaller amounts with vitamin A. (beef liver and cod liver oil is highest in vitamin A).

🐟If we decide to eat sardines, we should eat it a few times a week at most. (This will depend on the individual’s need for fatty acids)

Gout is a complex topic as many things can be cause systemic inflammation:
🔻Diet (fructose, purines, alcohol)
🔻Uric Acid levels (very diet-context-driven)

🚨But one thing is for sure: red meat (muscle meat) is lower in purines.

❓So why do we vilify red meat as the main culprit of gout?

⛑Gout is another topic where we should really do our own research before trusting corporatized sick care.

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