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Microblog: Progression Over Perfection

Microblog: Progression Over Perfection

Watch the clip here.

Watch the full interview here.

We tend to think if we aren’t healing, it’s because we aren’t perfect enough.

💡It’s usually not the case.

🥩Yes, healing takes time and cleaner eating with less hiccups can allow for faster healing.

❤️‍🩹But healing from big illnesses are rarely because you aren’t perfect enough in your diet. (I work with some of the most severe chronic illness sufferers).

🦠Eat as clean as you can but also know that sometimes there’s a deeper root cause than diet. When we remove the noise of diet, it becomes a lot more clear.

📺 Full interview on YouTube with @polyfacefarm: https://youtu.be/rmqyfvWIKKs

🎙Full interview on podcast: https://nutritionwithjudy.buzzsprout.com/1848795/11136509-193-cows-carbon-and-climate-polyface-farm-s-joel-salatin-and-regenerative-agriculture

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