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Microblog: Practitioners and Root Cause Healing

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I wish meat-only carnivore fixed everything.

⛑After working with hundreds of meat-only clients, I know there can be a deeper root cause issue. And a big root cause is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

🔥CIRS is a multi-system, multi-symptom inflammatory illness from exposure to a biotoxin. (e.g., water damaged buildings and mold like actinomyces)

🦠Homes and buildings are issues because of the paper and porous material used that once in contact with water, can produce mold spores (if not completely dry) in 48 hours.

❤️‍🩹Some people can heal from mold exposure overtime (especially if they are removed from exposure) but an estimated 25% of the population cannot clear the toxins.

🧠This ends up becoming chronic inflammation (and of the brain).

❄️Brain on fire then turns to brain on ice (grey matter atrophy).

💡If you’ve been eating meat-only carnivore for at least 6 months and not getting much better, you may want to look into CIRS.

🔎As @drericdorninger says, if you’re going from a F to a C in health but still not having a good quality of life, you may want to dig deeper.

🥩I suspect that in the population of Carnivores, CIRS is higher than 25%.

If you still have:
🔸Chronic fatigue
🔸Gut imbalances
🔸Autoimmune flares
🔸Electrolyte issues
🔸Hormone issues (especially low T and DHEA)
🔸Thyroid issues
🔸Sleep issues
🔸Persistent candida (and fungal overgrowth)
🔸Low mood, depression

✔️You may want to test for CIRS.

🔥Recently, I’ve tested over 30 meat-only carnivores. Every single one was positive for CIRS.

🐟Meat-only carnivore IS healing. For some people it may not be the last puzzle of their healing journey, but it’s still a big one.

⛑I will always advocate for meat-only carnivore as a baseline for nutrition. And I will always advocate for root-cause healing, whether meat is the final destination or a pivotal road on the healing journey.

🌟Never accept pain and illness as part of life. Fight for better. We all deserve a chance to live our best lives.

🧩Find your pieces. Healing is always possible.

📺Check out the YT episode: https://youtu.be/xObxYo2oPz4

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