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Microblog: Oxalate Dumping

Microblog: Oxalate Dumping

Watch the clip here.

Watch the full interview here.

Another throwback!

Some of us starting a carnivore diet can have oxalate dumping. @toxicsuperfoods_oxalate_book is the expert in this area.

If you’ve eaten lots of:
🔻Dark chocolate

and lots of other “superfoods” that are plant-based, you may need to slow down the oxalate load instead of stopping all at once.

💡When the body feels there’s less to store, it will start releasing to remove.

💔It’s what we know as oxalate dumping. Not everyone experienced it but for some, the illness is very real.

🎉Sally and I will be releasing another interview in the next few months, so look out for it!

📺 Throwback full interview on YouTube with Sally Norton: https://youtu.be/F4ZKUM7qb9E

🎙Throwback full interview on podcast: https://nutritionwithjudy.buzzsprout.com/1848795/9168187-superfoods-that-will-harm-you-the-truth-about-oxalates-it-s-more-than-just-kidney-stones

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