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Microblog: Obese People Have Faster Metabolisms

Microblog: Obese People Have Faster Metabolisms

One of the complaints of low carb is that using fat slows the metabolism and wrecks our hormones.

🍭That we NEED sugar for every single cell of our body.

🍗Funny thing because we need proteins as the building blocks for our body.

🧈We need fats for the outer lining for every single cell. Yes, every single cell’s membrane is made of fat (phospholipids).

⚔️The cell membrane (fat) is the barrier that protects the cell from the outside. This barrier also helps to balance the cell’s equilibrium in and out of the cell (think minerals).

🥀Now imagine not having enough good quality fats to make up these cell membranes for EVERY CELL in our body.

Carbohydrates aren’t essential for metabolism.

🌎In a perfect world, you can be metabolically flexible and use clean carbs on some days and ketones on others. But we don’t live in a perfect world and most of us have done some damage to our bodies.

🤒Some of us have disordered eating and can’t undo the brains’ dopamine remembrance of sugar binges. Abstaining is easier. Some of us eat a little bit of sugar and show diabetic numbers.

🐖Some say to remove all PUFAs and you’ll support insulin and have no more diabetic numbers. They say it may require years of healing before that happens.

❓You want to take that risk in case it’s not that simple?

⚖️It’s a known fact that overweight people have faster metabolisms. And a way to increase metabolism is to increase food intake.

❓Why on keto/carnivore do you subject yourself to OMAD and eat less than 1600 calories?

❓Then on a non-labeled diet do you start body-acceptance and eat more than 2000 calories?

Maybe the body heals when you finally feed it enough nourishment.

⁉️So is sugar the answer or sufficient calories?

🦴FUN FACT: being obese is one way to NOT get osteoporosis. Should we use obesity as a tool when we have poor bone health?

Sometimes things seem too good to be true.

⛑Make sure on any diet that you properly feed your body and eat sufficient nutrient dense calories for healing.

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