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Microblog: Nutrition With Judy’s Mission Statement

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In my 5 year carnivore solo episode, I shared my thoughts about what and why I share.

💔I’ve had several people complain that I don’t limit my guests to carnivore.

🤩I take that as I’m doing something right.

💡I don’t believe it’s healthy to live in an echo chamber. Otherwise, we’d never have realized that for some people organs like liver don’t do a body good.

🥩We would also think beef, salt and water are the only options for healing.

⛑But working with hundreds of clients and being in the social media space has brought me humility. I’ve learned I’ll never know enough to help every single person. And I’ll never have the final answer that will answer every single question.

And I’ve grown to be okay with that.

🔥With my faith and the strong bedrock I stand on, I have the courage and strength to share what I know and keep searching for root-cause answers to help people heal.

🍗And while it’s easier to just share about the beauty and power of meat, and frankly sell a magic pill of meat-only (and there’s a lot of power, indeed)…

🥀But if I shared that the most perfect meat-only carnivore diet alone was the answer, I’d be ostracizing many of my very unwell but hope-filled and diligent clients.

🔎And so while I may not always have the answers, I will keep turning over research pages until I can help as many people get to root-cause healing.

🌟Because having hope and faith is one of the biggest ways for root-cause healing. And I will strive to always bring hope to my clients and community.

⛑So keep eating meat and I’ll keep searching for other levers to share. And I hope you’ll find what brings you closer to optimal health.

Because we ALL deserve to live a life with optimal health.


With ♥️ and hopes of healing,

📺 Full talk on YouTube: https://youtu.be/aFGFxW2La98

🎙Full talk on podcast: https://nutritionwithjudy.buzzsprout.com/1848795/10968854-carnivore-diet-5-years-of-carnivore-top-6-tips-and-top-6-mistakes-on-meat-only-carnivore

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