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Microblog: Nutrition Facts – Egg Macros

Microblog: Nutrition Facts – Egg Macros

Did you know that the most liked Instagram post is from @world_record_egg with 54M likes for a simple picture of an egg? Such a simple, small food. But it’s one of the most nutrient dense superfoods. In the next few posts, we’ll explore why.⠀


💪🏼There’s no denying that the egg is one of nature’s most nutrient dense perfect foods. It’s also very economical which makes it all that much better.⠀

🤒Personally, I always liked eggs but never liked the yolk portion of the eggs. Something about the runny consistency was never something I enjoyed and when I (incorrectly) was taught that yolks are high in cholesterol and in turn, would give me high cholesterol and heart disease, I was happy to eat only the egg whites for most of my adult life.⠀

🍳Once I became a nutritional therapist, I realized how wrong I was about egg yolks. They are one of the most nutrient-dense foods. The yolk is the substance for the embryo to thrive—no wonder it packs so much nutrition. The yolk is rich in fats, good cholesterol, proteins, iron and other minerals, as well as lecithin and other emulsifiers.⠀

🥚Some believe that egg whites are the main cause of egg allergens. The albumin from the egg whites, with its high protein content, can be the cause of severe allergic reactions such as watery eyes, hives, rashes, redness and swelling, stomach cramps, vomiting, and asthma.⠀

🤔It is difficult to say if egg whites are the true allergen as it is nearly impossible to remove all parts of the egg whites, even when consuming just the yolk.⠀

🐓Consuming raw egg whites can also potentially cause biotin depletion in the body. In raw eggs, biotin is bound to avidin whereas when the egg is cooked, the biotin separates from the avidin, allowing the biotin to be absorbed by the body. Biotin deficiencies can lead to seizures, skin disorders, hair loss, severe joint pain and lack of muscle tone and coordination. This may be another reason why some nutrition-enthusiasts choose to only eat the yolk.

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