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Microblog: Nutrition Facts – 25g of Protein

Many plant-based advocates believe that plant foods are complete proteins (soy, pea protein, etc.). Well, it’s again one of those technicalities where a plant food may have some level of all essential amino acids (but quite inadequate).

🐟That’s like a carnivore saying vitamin C is sufficient from pork belly or salmon (yes, both have vitamin C).

⚖️But let’s assume that all the food depicted also have the same amount of bioavailability, estrogenic compounds, GMO toxicity, phytochemicals and antinutrients. They don’t (especially the meat). But, let’s just consider all things as equal.

🚫Well, I don’t know about you but when I was plant-based, I never ate 3 cups of quinoa in one meal, let alone one day. Nor did I have 6.5 TBSPs of peanut butter in one sitting.

❓So how again are plant-based diets getting sufficient protein?

And what about the sugar content?

❗️For the typical PB, 2 TBSBs has 7 g of carbs, that’s 23 grams of carbs just from the sugars. And then with whole grain bread? Add another 44 g for 2 slices JUST FOR 5 g of protein.

🍓And most people that consume PB, also eat it with jelly. 2 TBSPs of jam has 28 g of sugar.

🍎In a plant-based world, this is a nutrient-dense meal. You get vitamin C, antioxidants, fat, and carbs. For 3.5 TBSPs of PB and 2 slices of bread, you get 24 g of (not-really-available-protein). But you also get 56g of sugar, (84g of sugar with jam).

🍊And what’s the drink of choice? OJ?

🚨Our blood sugar can only handle about 4 g of sugar to be at the range of 80 mg/dL. And 5 g of sugar to be at the range of 100 mg/dL. I wonder what 56 g (84g) of carbs at once does to our blood sugars. Once in a while, maybe. But every meal?

⚔️Not only that, peanuts are a legume (lectins, phytates, oxalates) and they are known for being impervious to any types of soaking and lessening of the antinutrients. Meaning, they run havoc on your gut lining and digestive health. Hello, autoimmune.

🧬Peanuts are grown in a moldy environment. So much so that the government allows for a certain amount of mold on peanuts. No thanks.

⚠️Is it any wonder that every elimination diet protocol has 0 legumes?

💡Choose meat. Does a body good. ♥️

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