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Microblog: How to Get Enough Calcium on a Carnivore Diet?

Microblog: How to Get Enough Calcium on a Carnivore Diet?

For most people, bone health issues are not because of a deficiency in calcium.

⚠️It’s usually a deficiency in some cofactor.

🦴Vitamin D, magnesium and K2 all play a role in bone health and the routing and absorption of calcium.

💡Calcium needs sufficient vitamin D for proper absorption.

💡But vitamin D needs sufficient magnesium to be metabolized.

⚠️Many people take calcium for bone health (especially when struggling with osteopenia and osteoporosis) but it’s not always an ideal situation.

⚖️There are studies that show a relationship between excess calcium supplementation intake and cardiovascular events.

PMID: 27729333, PMID 27355855

💔Yes, you can risk heart disease events by excess calcium supplementation.

According to PMID: 26770129:
🦴Inadequate calcium intake can lead to decreased bone mineral density, which can increase the risk of bone fractures.

💔But excess calcium supplementation may raise the risk for heart disease and can associate with accelerated deposit of calcium in blood-vessel walls and soft tissues.

🌟Vitamin K2 is associated with the INHIBITING of arterial calcification and stiffening.

🌟Sufficient vitamin K2 has been shown to lower risks of vascular damage (it activates matrix GLA protein—MGP), which inhibits calcium deposits on the walls.

⬇️Vitamin K deficiency results in insufficient MGP, which IMPAIRS the process of calcium removal and INCREASES calcification risks of the blood vessels.

⬆️An increased intake of vitamin K2 could be a means of lowering calcium-associated health risks.

⛑For BONE HEALTH: Vitamin D, Calcium, K2, and Magnesium are key.

⛑For MACRO-MINERAL (electrolyte) balance: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium are key.

❗️Remember, most people ARE NOT deficient in calcium but have insufficient amounts of magnesium, vitamin D, and/or K2. (Magnesium and potassium are big ones)

💊For bone health, add K2-MK7 (Long-chain menaquinones).

❓And what has all of these without any supplementation?


🐟Fatty fish is a great option.


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