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Microblog: Meat + Fruit – How Much Fructose Is Safe with High Fat?

Microblog: Meat + Fruit – How Much Fructose Is Safe with High Fat?

I get a lot of questions about a meat-based diet and fruit. Is fruit okay to eat on a meat-based diet? How much fruit? When to eat fruit? What fruits are least toxic?

🎙I answer some of these questions in this month’s Community Q&A.

🍎Just like with a lot of things in nutrition, fruit consumption will depend on your specific needs. Your metabolic health, activity level, age, relationship with food and even history with liver health and gout with affect the answer.

📖Fructose is one reason why fruits may not be ideal. In one study (J. of Clinical Investigations), during a 10 week period, the participants consumed either fructose or glucose sweetened drinks that accounted for 25% of their daily calories.

⚠️The fructose group had higher small dense LDL, oxidized LDL and cholesterol. The fructose participants also produced more body fat and visceral fat (fat associated with inflammation).

⚠️The fructose group also had significantly higher insulin resistance (10.2% insulin from pancreas with fructose group vs 2.9% with the glucose group). The difference was found greater in women.

🧃Yes, this study was on fructose drinks and not fruit. But fruit is more fructose than glucose (and depends on the specific fruit).

🫐If we consume one fruit a day, it’s probably a non-issue for most. But if your LDL is high on a meat-based diet, I personally wouldn’t add more load to the liver with much of any fructose.

🍉That’s why in general, I’m not a huge fan of lots of fruit and meat on a meat-based diet. Our ancestors likely didn’t have fruit (and the fruit we eat today), every single meal.

🍯Or even drips of honey throughout the day (also higher in fructose).

🔥And if you’re worried about gout, @kevinstock12 did a great post on fructose and the risk of gout.

⛑Always find the balance that works for YOU.

📺You can check out the full Community Q&A 3 on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrjkcSt-q44

🎙Or podcast here: https://nutrition-with-judy.simplecast.com/episodes/community-qa-answering-your-questions-episode-3

📖Also, get the bonus fructose guide (link in @CarnivoreCure)

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