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Microblog: Love Fearlessly Live Courageously Nothing in Life Is Guaranteed

There’s a lot of division everywhere. We need to understand that WE are NOT the enemy of one another.

🚨Whether there is a bigger agenda (or not), you are not the enemy and I am not the enemy. Just because our ideologies differ, does not mean you are my enemy.

🧠As humans, we have a deep-seated need to be understood. To be validated. And if these needs aren’t met, our human inclination is to blame the other, instead of blaming the self. It’s called self-preservation.

👥We need to be open to other ideas and always see the other point of view. I choose to see the other POV to make sure I’m not living in an echo chamber. I choose to be informed so I make the best decision for me and my loved ones (and also with what I share with you).

⚖️When our views of things become shaky, our innate self feels cognitive dissonance. We have two differing views of the same thing and often we shake the tension by dismissing the new.

🥩This is why it’s HARD to shake the view that plant-based isn’t so healthy. Or meat-based isn’t guaranteed heart disease. Or that fat isn’t bad. Or that fat doesn’t make you fat. How many of you still kinda, sorta get scared that too much fat is going to do harm in the body? (hello, cognitive dissonance)

⛑My heart is pure and never is there an agenda to share mistruths or to make people sick or unwell. It’s actually quite the opposite.

🧂I CHOOSE to love with everything and LIVE courageously. I hope I can be good salt and more than anything, I wish my kids can live fearlessly (and free).

♥️And I hope I support you to have the courage to be your best self. There is no better you than YOU.

💡Choose compassion because everyone you encounter is fighting a hard battle you know nothing about.

🦋Change is never easy and often creates discord. But when people come together for the good of humanity, we can accomplish unimaginable things.

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