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Microblog: Limit Electrolyte Powders and Supplements

Microblog: Limit Electrolyte Powders and Supplements

Nearly all my clients take electrolytes when they start working with me. If you’re new to low carb, fine, as the body has to recalibrate minerals with less water (and glycogen) stores.

⚠️But when you’re 6 months into this way of eating, you probably don’t need it.

🚨If you take electrolytes daily and just one day of stopping causes issues, you may be playing mad chemist. If you supplement magnesium and potassium (and even calcium)—in any form, you may never allow your body to find a new balance.

⚖️Minerals are spark plugs. They make things happen in the body. But if you tinker, it may throw off everything (see the mineral wheel).

💦I have clients remove all electrolytes and have them start with unrefined mineral salt, soaked overnight (sole water). This allows the minerals to saturate the water and they are more bioavailable for absorption (all 80 of them).

🐖You can also add pork or salmon. Pork is rich in thiamin (B1) which helps with mineral balancing. B1 helps to burn carbs (even protein converted to sugars). If your blood sugar is higher on carnivore, try seeing if pork will help.

💡And since B1 is water-soluble, it can’t be stored. You need a steady amount.

⚠️One day a week of pork or salmon, may not cut it.

⚠️If your heart rate goes up, hands tingle, or eyes twitch, you may need some B1.

⚠️And B1 is limited in beef (even liver).

Try pork (or salmon).

🦴Calcium is also needed for electrolyte balancing. If you read the calcium section in @CarnivoreCure, most people DO NOT get osteopenia from too little calcium. It’s the cofactors that aren’t playing nice with calcium.

🐟Try adding sardines and high-quality dairy (raw is best).

🌈My clients shift to a variety of meats and only use sole water. Some do supplement mg citrate for constipation but it’s a temporary band-aid.

📖I’ve written a two-part series on balancing electrolytes in the body with a recipe for sole water. It also discusses why supplementing magnesium and potassium aren’t always ideal.

⛑Try sole water + magnesium spray (best absorbed through the skin, bypassing the digestive process—a little goes a long way). You may never get a leg cramp again.


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