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Microblog: Keto Is Completely Safe for Kids

Microblog: Keto Is Completely Safe for Kids

Tagging pic as she says it’s copyright infringement. Left lunch made by @kids.eat.in.color.

I get tagged in posts & unless I have something nice to say, I don’t comment.

👎🏼But not cool when a person misinforms that keto is unsafe for kids. My kids are keto some days. In an ideal world I’d have them fully meat-based but I choose to have them balance real life. I am mindful of disordered eating and want my kids to ultimately choose if they want to be meat-based when they’re older.

👦🏻While Keto started for kids w/ seizures, all kids going low carb IS an optimal diet. Babies, if fully nursed ARE in ketosis. We wean them to become carb addicts with rice oatmeals, pincer-grasp snack puffs and fructose-filled pouches.

🤱🏻In fact, the breakdown of breastmilk is nearly 10-25% protein, 60% fat and 20% carbs. If we went with My Plate standards, BM would not be an ideal food. Yet the same BM composition is how we came up with DV ratios for adult amino acids.

🍼Yes, our amino acid ratios are based off the AA ratios found in breastmilk. So, on one hand the governing body for nutrition says the macros of breastmilk is poor but for the breakdown of amino acids, it’s ideal. Uh, okay.

🌈When we are told to feed our kids the rainbow, we are being told to feed plant-based. With all the fructose and antinutrients, is it any wonder why our kids are sicker than ever?

🍭It’s dangerous for RDs to give the green light about “everything in moderation.” It gives the permission to keep feeding kids processed crap and sugars. There is no question that every parent wants their kids to grow into adults that can have a great life. Well they need foundational health to even have a chance.

🌎As my anger dissipates from this false nutritional advice, I’m frankly left with sadness. There’s no point of my kids being healthy alone. What if they marry someone sick? Or their friends die from complications of poor nutrition? We are all connected, whether we like it or not.

Plant lunch:
⬆️ Food dyes⠀
⬆️ Sugar⠀
⬆️ Antinutrients⠀
⬇️ Vitamin Bs⠀
⬇️ Omega 3s (growing brain 😭)⠀
⬇️ Proteins⠀

Keto lunch:⠀
⬇️ Rainbow ⠀

I welcome any missing nutrients.

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  • Jada
    April 10, 2022 at 11:49 am

    What about keto for nursing mammas tho? My health coach is wanting to me to go keto(I”m 37 weeks pregnant) but very uneasy about going keto during this time.

  • Varun
    February 18, 2023 at 2:40 am

    Could you link to the reference for breast milk composition please?

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