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Microblog: Kale Has Some of the Most Pesticide Residues

Microblog: Kale Has Some of the Most Pesticide Residues

When I was plant-based (12 years), I loved vegetables. But I NEVER liked kale. When I ate the large leaves, I’d chew many, many times and I still felt like I was choking and swallowing shards of glass, I mean grass.

🌿I thought kale was healthy and ate kale for years (mostly raw.)

So when I researched kale, I was not happy.

❌WHOever decided kale was a SUPER food was so unbelievably wrong.

⚠️Kale is now on the EWG’s Dirty Dozen list. Of ALL the plant-based foods you can eat, kale has some of the most pesticide residues.

☠️Over 92% of kale had residue from 2+ pesticides, EVEN AFTER washing and peeling. Some had up to 18 pesticides!

☠️Almost 60% of kale samples showed residual Dacthal, a pesticide that is known as a possible human carcinogen.

☠️USDA data shows that 30% of kale samples also had residue of imidacloprid, a potentially neurotoxic neonicotinoid insecticide.

❓So who makes imidacloprid? Bayer.
(who also owns Monsanto aka glyphosate aka Round-up.) Imidaloprid is one of the main reasons we’re seeing the loss of bee populations.

🚫 This is why Dacthal and imidacloprid are both banned in the E.U.

‼️But not in the US.

Kale has sharp crevices that it makes it nearly impossible to wash off everything.

⚠️If you decide, “I’ll just eat organic,” well if you haven’t read the organic section in @CarnivoreCure, they have their own set of problems. Like organophosphate insecticides.

☠️Heavy metals in the soils like Thallium and Cesium also accumulate in kale. And when we eat them, they accumulate in the body.

⚠️Kale can worsen blood clotting issues and even lessen the efficacy of medications.

⚠️You can lower glucosinolates with cooking but it doesn’t remove the other harm that kale does.

🚨And if you have thyroid imbalances, you want to steer clear of kale. We are already a society deficient in iodine.

Kale Yeah? No, Kale Never.


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