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Microblog: It Is Perfectly Okay to Admit You’re Not Okay

Microblog: It Is Perfectly Okay to Admit You’re Not Okay

Like many, I’ve been going through a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute, it seems like we’re doing all we can with food planning and social distancing. This will help us flatten the curve in case our loved ones get sick. Less sick people = less demand on the medical system. Makes sense.

📉But then we hear numbers, stats, and forecasts about the spread of the virus and the downward implications for the economy.

🥴It’s a lot. A LOT.


Supporting Mental Health

⛑I want to support you and I’ve been figuring out how to find a balance. But balance seems frankly ridiculous right now. I can’t keep telling you to eat meat and cut out sugar in order to have the strongest immune system. While it’s true, if you’re worried about having any food on the table tomorrow or worried for your immune-suppressed loved one, it’s frankly presumptuous.

⚖️Some of us are in survival mode and optimal health is not the priority right now.

💣I also see posts about not being in a stressed state because stress causes a weakened immune system. That also is true but there’s such a thing as PTSD and handling emotions in a proper manner so that you can mentally make it through this hard time.

👍🏼And so, it’s okay to be scared, to grieve, and whatever other 1000 mixed emotions you are feeling. FEEL the sadness. FEEL the fear. ACKNOWLEDGE these feelings so we can let them have their place and we can then move on.

🗣While it is not healthy to ruminate and obsess over thoughts and feelings, we should also identify them to move past this period in the most healing manner.

🤕PTSD is real. Suppressing emotions and having to deal with the aftermath later is real.

👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼But this is where community is VERY REAL.

👥Reach out and talk to someone about what you’re feeling. Don’t fearmonger each other but share your genuine concerns. CONNECT. Sharing may help collect your thoughts and let some of the fears dissipate.

💞If anything, you’ll feel connection. As much as we are socially isolated, you’ll realize your thoughts and feelings are so utterly human, so utterly connected. This is us as HUMANITY coming together as ONE.⠀

🙋🏻‍♀️So I’m not okay but I know I’ll be OKAY. Because this. This too shall pass. ♥️

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