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Microblog: Is Cheese Addictive? Dairy Can Have a Place in a Carnivore Diet

Microblog: Is Cheese Addictive? Dairy Can Have a Place in a Carnivore Diet

Excerpt from @CarnivoreCure:
Many people feel better if they eliminate dairy. Some consider dairy sensitivities to include bloating, gas, skin eruptions, nausea, and other physical symptoms.

❗️If you think of milk’s purpose, it is for the growth of offspring.

🐄Calves drink mother’s milk for about eight to ten weeks. Calves typically drink 10 percent of their birth bodyweight. Thus, a calf born at 90 pounds (41 kg) would drink 9 pints, or 4.5 quarts, a day.

‼️The average weight of a three-month-old calf ranges from 220 pounds (100 kg) to 265 pounds (120 kg). That is almost THREE TIMES their weight at birth.

👶🏻A human baby barely doubles in weight in the three months that a calf triples in mass.

❓Do you wonder why we gain weight from eating dairy?

🧀Dairy is meant to grow a calf, not to be consumed as a large part of our meals. Worse, we consume dairy primarily in the form of cheese. But cheese has even higher concentrations of milk.

⚠️We are also the only species that drinks another species’ milk.

🚨Because of a group of peptides called beta-casomorphins, which are casein derived morphine-like compounds, cheese can also have an addictive quality. Casomorphins attach to the same brain receptors that recreational drugs attach to.

🧠Opiates have a calming effect and release dopamine in the brain. Cheese has a similar effect. Seventy to 80 percent of the protein in milk is casein. A cup of milk has 7.7 grams of protein, but making the milk into cheddar cheese significantly increases the protein content, making cheese the most concentrated form of casein.

🧬Additionally, studies have found that the opioid peptide casomorphine also releases histamines in humans. (It also causes constipation for many trying carnivore.)

💡Overall, dairy can have a place in a carnivore diet but keep it as a nibble, not as the main course. You’re not trying to triple your weight in three months.

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