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Microblog: Is Beef Liver REALLY a Superfood?

Microblog: Is Beef Liver REALLY a Superfood?

Is Beef liver REALLY a superfood?


💊 One bottle of 750mg beef liver capsules contains 120 capsules providing thirty (4) capsule servings. To meet the RDA for folate, you’ll need 32 capsules daily.


🚨One bottle will provide LESS THAN FOUR servings of RDA’s daily folate needs.


👑Other companies (take a guess) require SIX capsules for the same serving.


❓Why are liver supplements being pushed as a rich source of folate?


🚨 We hear vitamin A deficiency is common. It’s not. It’s so much not that food labels have removed vitamin A listings on packages.


🍊(They also removed vitamin C… maybe we don’t need as much vitamin C as they say).


⚠️ Unusually high levels of copper have been found in women who’ve had a history of postpartum depression. Women who use copper IUDs, oral contraceptives, and HRT have higher copper levels.


🚺 Copper is closely related to estrogen metabolism. Estrogen causes copper retention and accumulation. And copper raises estrogen. High levels of copper can deplete zinc, iron and vitamin C.


🌱 Vegetarian and vegan diets tend to be high in copper and low in zinc.


💡Even if there were no risks with beef liver, we should be eating it naturally, not as supplements.


⚠️The body has a natural biofeedback mechanism that may tell you that liver is disgusting. It may be a sign your body has had enough vitamin A, copper or B12.


⚠️If you take it in supplement form, you are not only paying a pretty penny but also bypassing the body’s warning cues.


❓Why don’t we hear as much about the nutrient density of chicken liver?


🚨You can’t really desiccate raw chicken liver, but you sure can with raw beef liver. So fewer advertising dollars are being spent on chicken liver. In our research, we found only one Australia-based chicken liver pill company.


💡Folate? Chicken liver or a lot of eggs and lamb
💡Selenium? Chicken liver or shellfish has more
💡Choline? Eggs are higher
💡Molybdenum? Dairy is higher
💡Vitamin A? Butter and eggs are a safer option
💡Vitamin B12? Any other meat


⚠️There’s NO other nutrition that beef liver is high in.


Nuance matters.









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