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Microblog: Importance of the Microbiome

Microblog: Importance of the Microbiome

Watch the clip here.

Watch the full interview here.

The right food IS medicine.

🥩One of the main healing powers of a meat-only carnivore diet is healing the gut.

❤️‍🩹Without any processed foods and plant toxins (anti-nutrients), the gut has less assaults that busy up the immune system.

💦With a whole foods, meat only diet, most inflammation from the foods we eat, gets reduced—dramatically.

🔎The immune system does not have to decipher if food is a foe or a friend. (And can take care of other parts of healing in the body.)

Why should we care?

🔥Because most illness stems from chronic inflammation

🩼Acute (temporary) inflammation is a normal part of the body. Think broken ankle.

But chronic inflammation is not ideal. Chronic low-grade inflammation increases your risk of illness
🔻Heart Disease
🔻Mood imbalances (anxiety and depression)
🔻Autoimmune illness
🔻Neurodegenerative illness

🐟Even without changing anything in your lifestyle, a meat-only carnivore diet can dramatically reduce chronic inflammation levels.

Anti-inflammatory diets are trending right now.

💡And while so many anti-inflammatory diets recommend antioxidant plants for inflammation reduction, just don’t eat food that causes inflammation.

📖Oh and meat has antioxidants too. @carnivorecure shares the antioxidant meaty details. (e.g., salmon has astaxanthin)

⛑Meat-only carnivore is the most anti-inflammatory diet, bar none.

📺 Watch the full interview: https://youtu.be/v39FzFplEIM

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