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Microblog: I’m in Instagram Jail

Microblog: I’m in Instagram Jail

Making Instagram’s job easier by making this post (since they’re telling every person that tries to @ me).

For the record, here are my strikes:
❗️Supplements for gut health – was deemed misinformation (You can find them in kimchi or kefir.)
❗️CDC screen share about something that I can no longer talk about.
❗️Some fillers/ingredients are less common in fish than other things I can’t talk about

So I’m in Instagram jail.

❌I can’t use any tools.
❌No one can tag me.
❌No one can mention me.

🙏🏼If you share my posts, that’s the only way I can still get my content out there… I think or maybe that’s banned too.

⛑I share to help our community get to root-cause healing but maybe that’s not a good thing to some.

🥩Be well. Be safe. Bc we live in very strange times. But I will always have hope. ♥️

@carnivorecure is still in good standing 😅

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