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Microblog: Ideal Macros on a Meat-Based Diet

Microblog: Ideal Macros on a Meat-Based Diet

What did I learn in 2 years of tracking?

🚀Bingeing on sugar makes blood glucose skyrocket (and then your body reduces it quickly—it has to or you can die).

🩸Can go up and down for many reasons. It’s not just protein. (Check blood glucose after you work out.)

🩸Check in the morning and then in the evening. It’s all over the place. What you want is stability.

🩸 But IT IS NORMAL for blood sugar to go up after a meal. IT IS NORMAL to go up after a workout. But not too, too much.

💡And if it doesn’t go up, that’s not stable blood sugar, that’s something imbalanced in the body.

🥩My clients eat 0.8 grams to 1 gram of PROTEIN per ideal body weight (or lean body mass). That’s what I define as moderate protein.

🥩Many male clients hate these caps. But when I show they can lower their blood glucose, they hate me a little less.

🥩If you eat under 0.8 grams of protein consistently, YOU WILL LOSE LEAN BODY MASS.

⚠️Anyone saying to eat 3 oz a meal, sorry, it’s wrong. Unless you’re eating at least 6 meals.

🧈I like my female clients to start at 80% fat of total calories. If they eat closer to 1 gram of protein, they usually gain weight and hate me.

🧈So I have them start at 0.8 grams. They hate me less.

🌟Once they sleep through the night or get their cycle back, I relax on the fat. Then they can go down to 75% or 70% fat of total calories.

🧈We stay here until we find a symptom-free baseline. Weight loss comes later.

🧈For men, usually, they can start at 70% fat and move down to less.

💡Some people don’t do as well with saturated fats (specific gene)

💡Some people can’t do well with 1g of protein (less common)

💡Some with metabolic disease may have to eat more fat. Others more protein.

📈Track for a bit and see what’s working. Then go by your symptoms. Note: Sample macros are for whole day.

⛑I only know this because I work with clients for months. The variability is real. (if you don’t work with clients/patients on a professional level, sorry, I’m skeptical of your recommendations.)

🩸Is A1C ideal if red blood cells last longer on a low carb diet? Longer living red blood cells = more glucose. We don’t know. THIS is variability.







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  • Annie Bizier
    July 3, 2023 at 5:09 pm

    You are amazing! Absolutely incredible! Finally, someone who can make this information available and easily understandable. As a personal trainer, I understand caloric intake and macros very well, but in standard diet. So now, going carnivore, I wasn’t sure what my macros should look like other than carbs being dropped to just about 0. I really liked watching this on YouTube and reading the information here after!

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