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Microblog: Interesting Details About Bone Health

Microblog: Interesting Details About Bone Health

A small percentage of the population needs calcium supplementation but for the most, look deeper.

⚖️There are many reasons for bone health imbalances.
More times than not, it’s not a calcium deficiency.

⚠️In fact, food companies fortify a lot of foods with calcium.

🐟You might be low in vitamin D, Magnesium, vitamin K2, and cholesterol.

🦋You may have an imbalance thyroid that needs selenium, iodine, fats and proteins (and more).

❗️You can try to cronometer everything and calculate balances.

🥩Or you can eat meats that come with natural balances.

💡And if you do want to eat organs, make it only 1% of your diet, especially the kidneys and liver. (Of course, this is highly dependent on the individual).

🐂Other organs you can add more freely. (Less risks of nutrient toxicity.)

⛑Eat meats. It does a body good.
And when the body is good, there’s nothing we can’t do.

👧🏻PS. Focus on meat-based foods for children. They need these foods while their little bones are growing.









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