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Microblog: How to Do an Extended Fast

Microblog: How to Do an Extended Fast

Ideally work up to an extended fast. Women tend to burn fat most efficiently at about 36 hours, but it’s not ideal to go from no fasting to fast 24+ hours. Sure, many people do it with IDM and 🐍 but slow and steady is ideal to make it a consistent part of your life. I also think it’s key to really understand your tolerance for fasting and not end up in eating disorder land because of it (bingeing).

🧂When I start an extended fast, I take ¼ tsp of mineral salt as soon as I wake up and continue to do so throughout the day. I’ve made the mistake of taking the salt when I started to feel weak and have a headache but sometimes waiting too long pushes you to a point of no return.

⚠️If you wait too long to add salt to your fast, you may have to break it much earlier than you anticipated. So don’t fear salt and start salting right away.

💊I have found I do well on salt and some topical magnesium spray. You can add potassium (NoSalt) if you choose but usually balancing the salt and magnesium will even out the potassium. Find what works best for you. I’ve tried both and frankly did not feel a difference. I never supplement potassium when I’m not fasting. You can’t really overdose on magnesium but you can with potassium.

💡I always recommend magnesium spray because magnesium is best absorbed topically. Think Epsom salt bath in a bottle. It may sting a few times in the beginning but it gets better. Try it on your calves before bed. It can be a game changer with muscle aches at night.

💦Make sure to hydrate but not too much or you will constantly be playing electrolyte catch up. Drink half your weight in ounces. No need for fancy electrolyte powders.

🍎ACV while fasting doesn’t make sense. It stimulates your digestive process. Why make yourself hungry?

❗️Baking soda. I already have a post on that.

‼️Splash of heavy whipping cream? No.

In my recent 5 day fast, I took HWC and my glucose shot up 25 points. I had more than a splash but less than 1/4 cup. I’m sure it stopped the full benefits of apoptosis and autophagy.

😭HWC increases glucose and is insulinogenic. Don’t believe me? Check your glucose monitor.

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