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Microblog: How Restriction Can Lead To Obsession and Bingeing (Part 2/3)

Minnesota starvation study overeating

Microblog: How Restriction Can Lead To Obsession and Bingeing (Part 2/3)

Minnesota starvation study overeating

Remember, some of the men missed eating, so they chewed up to 40 sticks of gum and drank over 80 oz of coffee—every day.

Let’s assume the gum was sugar-free.

🍬A typical sugar-free gum has about 2 g of sugar alcohols. These gums use maltitol and other sweeteners that raise your blood sugar (and insulin).

❗️So if the average participant consumed 40 sticks of gum, they had 80g of sugar alcohols.

Just from gum. All day long.

‼️That’s 3,360 sticks of gum or 6,720 g of sugar alcohols for the duration of the Starvation phase of the study.

🥔This does not consider ANY of the other sugars consumed from their carb-heavy meals. .

🎢Imagine their sugar/insulin rollercoaster.

🔥Imagine the stress on adrenals with cortisol, epinephrine and other hormones. The adrenals come to help with hormones because of dips in sugar and stress.

❌Being in a long experiment of undereating likely negatively impacted their adrenals.

☕️Coffee. 80 oz every day.

💦If you read my caffeine post, coffee can directly cause anxiety and panic attacks. Additionally, they were dehydrating their bodies by consuming coffee over water.

💧The rule of thumb is that we should be drinking 1.5-2 oz. of water for every diuretic ounce we drink.

80 oz?

💥So these participants were eating a restricted diet of very few calories and high carbs for six months, with a constant feed of sugar alcohols and anxiety-producing coffee.

😓They never stood a chance.

🦋If you’re getting by with long fasts and drips of coffee, consider your hormone and thyroid health.

💡Stimulants give you an extra oomf of energy but it’s not ideal for longevity.

💔Your missed periods, hot flashes, cold hands and feet, poor sleep and hair loss, will be the telltale signs.

≠ Remember, being thin does not always equate to health.

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