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Microblog: How Fat Is Made? The Vegetable Oil Variety

Microblog: How Fat Is Made? The Vegetable Oil Variety

If you have @CarnivoreCure, make sure to download the guide to cooking fats. (link in book)

🚨The World Health Organization says to limit saturated fats. They also say to eat soybean, canola and vegetable oils. WHO loves canola oil.

🌼Canola oil was a cheap alternative to olive oil, since saturated fats were out. McDonald’s used to fry their fries in lard but now use toxic veg oils.

Seeds are washed, dehulled and deskinned, then ground with heat (unstable oils go rancid, 1st exposure to heat)

They are put into a screw press (temps 130-200°F).
Most oils go rancid when temps >125°F.

Chemical solvent is used to extract oil out of remaining seed (seed cake) (3rd exposure to heat)

4️⃣ RBD PROCESS: removes odor, increases smoke point and shelf life

⚠️REFINE: Heats “plastic” oils (107-188°F) with chemicals sodium hydroxide, and carbonate to remove color, bitterness and odor (4th exposure)

⚠️DE-GUM: Heat oils with steam, water, acid to remove gums (188-206°F, 5th exposure)

⚠️BLEACH: Oil is filtered through bleaching clay, removing colors (and nutrients)

⚠️DEODORIZE: Deodorizes oxidized oils because they smell rancid (440-485°F, 6th exposure)

If you cook with this oil and heat leftovers: 7th & 8th exposure to heat.

🎉90% of canola is GMO. Monitoring oils for potential contamination (if it still contains glyphosate residue) is not required.

🎉The concern for PUFAs is with canola oil. With the heat and light, they cause free radicals in the body causing oxidative stress and inflammation.

🎉Vegetable (canola) oils contain low levels of trans-fats because of the deodorization process. Small amounts of the unsaturated fatty acids transform into trans fatty acid isomers (partially hydrogenated oil).

Hello, shortening and margarine.

🎉Trans fats of <0.5g can be labeled as zero. 36lbs of fats will have a sizeable amount of trans fats. (avg amount consumed per person annually)

❓Should we be refining, bleaching and deodorizing our food?

Our best fight against 🦠 is a healthy body. So why is the world’s leader of health recommending toxic fats?

⛑I’ll risk my life with tallow.



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