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Microblog: Holistic Health – Find What Works for You

Microblog: Holistic Health – Find What Works for You

There’s always fads in nutrition. But there are some things I’m REALLY not a fan of.

😅There are many in the wellness space that say “don’t label your way of eating as a diet because they never work.” It’s laughable because then their approach is just another form of a diet “sans the label.”

🥩We use labels to easily identify things. If I said I’m carnivore + wine. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

🤦🏻‍♀️When someone says stop labeling, they’re selling you on NON-LABELING. The NON-LABEL is a LABEL.

💡We use labels and diets to easily find a foundation. No one wants to reinvent the wheel. But once you find the foundation, pivot and make changes as necessary.

⚠️Labels help guide us but never should be taken as dogma.

🏆I’ve said it many times now but THERE’S NO AWARD FOR PERFECT CARNIVORE (or any diet).

Do what works for you.

🔷Where I stand (in general) are in the dark blue BUT it’s very bioindividual. For example, I’m a fan of the right supplements but do I have my clients supplement poor nutrition with synthetic vitamins?


💊Most of my recommendations are for gut health.

Some “dogmatic” areas for me:
No. You get once chance to digest (and absorb) all your nutrients. It’s a tax on the digestive process. Most people have poor gut health. This will often cause people to be nutrient-poor and hormone-poor.

No, the body doesn’t want to only work on digestion. When you transition to higher fat, you may need to but we do better with 2-3 meals. When a body isn’t hungry, it doesn’t want nutrient-rich foods (liver).

Yes. One reason is they damage the gut. Reason enough.

⛑Every diet has flaws and every teacher does too. On social media, the best salesman or persuader makes the best teacher.

Always consider motive.

🦄If someone’s weight loss story or a teacher’s healing ways seems too good to be true, it probably is.

💡Learn and try things but find what works for you. What matters is that you’re healing. For my clients, if they tolerate safer plant-based foods and dairy, I know they’re healing (operative word is “tolerate”).

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