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Microblog: Gut Healing – Benefits of Bone Broth

Microblog: Gut Healing – Benefits of Bone Broth

(Homemade) Bone Broth: If you have been following my work for a while, you know I am a huge fan of bone broth. If you have leaky gut, bone broth may be better for you than fatty cuts of meat but assuming you don’t have high oxalates in body.⠀

🥘Our digestive system needs to properly break down meats into amino acids and fatty acids for nutrient absorption.⠀

🧬Easily digestible proteins like bone broth can support gut healing while a leaky gut can take longer to heal with too much protein (digestive aids and removing stress can help). Even good things, in moderation.⠀

⚠️Bone broth can support gut healing. But if you have histamine responses or too many oxalates in body, you may need to hold off. You can reduce some of the histamine response by cooking fresher meat and bones in a pressure cooker.⠀

💡Ironically, once your gut is in better condition, you may be able to tolerate bone broth without a histamine response. Ah, the complexities of our bodies.⠀

📚I have a gut healing bone broth guide.

🦠Zinc: Zinc is better known for its key role in immune function (Zicam) and wound healing. Zinc is critical for the production of HCl. Most foods that are high in zinc are meats, as well as dairy products. Vitamin C, E, B6, and minerals such as magnesium can increase zinc absorption in the body.⠀

🧬Zinc is also required for processes in the body, such as gene expression, enzymatic reactions, DNA synthesis, protein synthesis, as well as growth and development. Studies show that zinc may increase insulin sensitivity in those that are zinc deficient. Zinc deficiency is associated with glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.⠀

🤰🏻Zinc deficiency is also known for impotence and hypogonadism in males. When trying to conceive, men should ensure they have adequate zinc levels.

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