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Microblog: GMO Cattle Gets FDA Approval

Microblog: GMO Cattle Gets FDA Approval

Article and Image Source: Food Dive


This week in my NwJ newsletter, I shared my thoughts on FDA’s decision to approve GMO cattle for food.

❓There’s a lot of unknowns and concerns about GMO meats.

💔For one, GMO foods tend to have higher IGF-1 which has been found to promote cancer. (PMID: 11937431, 18989835)

🐄And while we don’t know enough about the GMO cattle, we can glean information from genetically modified salmon. (links are shared in newsletter)

GMO salmon may:
⚠️out-compete wild salmon
⚠️cause more allergies
⚠️cause health issues (IGF-1 and cancer)
⚠️create a monopoly in the market

⚠️You may be eating genetically modified salmon. They can avoid the GMO labeling law.

⏰It may take up to two years for GMO cattle to hit the market but there is a risk of increased allergies and health issues with GMO cattle.

🫀In 2009, one study showed that recombinant GH and genetically modified foods can damage organs and have also shown to increase IGF-1 which can promote cancer.

❗️This is why I do not recommend eating organs of conventional CAFO-raised animals.

🥀The toxic effects of the liver, pancreas, renal and reproductive systems are not ideal (including on the humans eating these GMO foods).

🥩Muscle meat may be okay but the organs are a riskier bet.

🙏🏼I hope they will label the GMO cattle but I won’t hold my breath. (GMO labeling has always had contention).

👨🏼‍🌾It may be time to find your local ranchers and be very nice.

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