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Microblog: Fruit, Honey, and White Sugar Are Not Carnivore

Microblog: Fruit, Honey, and White Sugar Are Not Carnivore

When did it become okay to troll a diet once you stopped eating that way? Or sell to the same community that you are saying is lost?

🥦When someone moves from vegan to carnivore, they don’t stay with vegans and start sharing vegan content as a disguised carnivore.

Let’s get real now.

🤫Are you guys only around in a diet community that you no longer follow because you need the community that are buying your products?

💸Hmm, sounds exactly like the pharma and food industries tactics…

💡Don’t guide me with your content that is NOT asked for. Or at least change your names.

✈️And no need to share departures, this isn’t an airport. If people want to follow ray peat, they can follow the hashtag and all the many Ray Peaters.

🚨But before you go, let me make this clear: No one REALLY cares HOW we got sick. The issue is WE ARE SICK.

🩸You cannot tell someone that is T2D and on heavy doses of insulin to wake up: take some vitamin E, reduce all PUFAs and then start eating sugar to WAKE UP the mitochondria.

⚠️You cannot tell someone that is an addict of carrot cake and blueberry donuts to start eating carrots and blueberries and lots of it but not the processed carbs. (If they had that restraint they wouldn’t be sick in the first place)

🍯If you are young and metabolically healthy, SURE, go eat your sugar and mind the PUFAs.


🥩MOST of us are sick and healing and don’t need the RAY PEAT advice. We’re not only healing physically but mentally AND NEED to REMOVE sugar as a therapeutic diet.



💡Maybe not because sugar is the origination of issues but at this point, it IS the issue.

🚨MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES run rampant and to tell a sugar addict to start eating sugar is HIGHLY IRRESPONSIBLE.

👩🏻‍🏫Read graphic from @ambimorph. She explains this core issue beautifully.

⚠️Stop acting like you know what’s best for this community when you work with ZERO of them. Many cannot eat JUST fruit and be mentally okay.

📊See the graphic, get some empathy, and please leave us alone.

📣And I’m calling all the Carnivore leaders to be leaders of your community.







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