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Microblog: Immune System Support

Microblog: Immune System Support

How do we support our immune system?

🔥Inflammation is when the immune system is activated because an invader is detected. Depending on the type of virus and what white cells go to work, you will feel (or not feel) any symptoms.⠀

⛑Feeling a fever, run-down or inflammation is our immune response as the white cells try to fight off the invader and heal.⠀

📚Studies show that mice lose their appetite with viruses but would eat again after the flu. Depending on the virus, our immune cells that go to work differ. This is why sometimes eating supports a viral response but can be harmful when fighting a bacterial invader.⠀

🚫Mice did best staying away from sugar. Their immune system was stronger and they were able to use ketones to support bacterial inflammation.⠀

💧Make sure to keep up your hydration and electrolytes to flush out the system while keeping up your energy levels.⠀

🐟Fatty fish is rich in omega 3s. Omega 3s are anti-inflammatory and can reduce inflammation and protect against viruses. (Test your MMP-9 blood marker.)

🥩Beef is high in zinc. Zinc is key for increasing the body’s production of infection-fighting white blood cells.⠀

🥘Chicken soup and broths hydrate. They are rich in electrolytes, essential minerals, and supports the immune system. Chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties because of its carnosine compound. This is why chicken soup is touted during flu season.⠀

🥚Eggs are rich in selenium. Selenium is an essential mineral that supports fighting infections. Selenium will be dependent on the soil the animal grazed on.⠀

☕️Chamomile tea can provide immune-boosting amino acids like L-Theanine that help your body stay healthy. Herbal teas have fewer oxalates than green and black teas. Ginger can help with upset stomach & support the immune system.⠀

🍽Fasting helps to fight infection more effectively. If you don’t put any food in your body, your body has one job: kill the invader. Fasting for 48-72 hrs promotes the recycling of damaged immune cells. Fasting for 72 hrs can regenerate your ENTIRE immune system.

⛑Diet is the best way to support our immune system. Sleep, reducing stress, and genuine human connection come a close second.

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