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Microblog: Feed Your Body Proper Nutrient-Dense Foods

Microblog: Feed Your Body Proper Nutrient-Dense Foods

**update: lots of questions about the icons. In order: salt, pork, fish, beef, liver, chicken, eggs and dairy!

👥A lot of you asked what foods provide the vitamins and minerals to satiate the craving in a healthier way.

🥗For full disclosure, there are plant foods that can provide some of the nutrients listed but since they’re not as bioavailable as the foods in the animal kingdom—for simplicity, I did not include them. 😉.

🥩I am a firm believer in trusting your body. Feed your body proper nutrient-dense foods and the body will take care of the rest.

⚠️You won’t heal or lose weight overnight. But you didn’t get sick nor did you gain weight overnight. Then why do we think eating clean for 1 month should heal everything?.

💡It takes 7 years for all cells to fully turn over (some take less like red blood cells taking 4 months). Bones take 3-9 years to remodel.

🕒So give it time and remember that mindset plays a factor. What you believe or don’t believe, is true. Trust your body.

💡If you gain anything from this post, when you have a craving, you may just need to eat more meat (and animal fats).

📚And if you want the nutrient density in each particular meat, @CarnivoreCure has you covered.


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