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Microblog: Every Single Human Survives Using Animals

Microblog: Every Single Human Survives Using Animals

The vegans have come out to play… again. I used to feel a little guilt pushing meat after being plant-based for 12 years. Not anymore.

📚After writing @CarnivoreCure, I can say with certainty that there is NO person that does not survive without animals.

❓Don’t believe me?

1️⃣Swipe to see the slide with all the uses for cows.

2️⃣Did you know that harvesting these mass-produced GMO crops cause more deaths per animal count than eating animals? Yes, you are killing rodents, birds, snakes, bugs, and the entire ecosystem by being plant-based. Read that again.

🌐And if you don’t believe me, copy/paste that whole paragraph and search with your favorite internet browser. It’s not hard to find if you are willing to look.

👌🏼But hey, I’m the uncompassionate jerk because I care for human health.

3️⃣Almost all vaccines have some form of human fetal cells, animals cells, and use of brain/blood. If you are a lover of animals (or humans), you better stop vaxxing. Until then, save your fake blood splatter on fur coats.

➡️And if you don’t believe me, swipe, I’ve lined all the animal ingredients. Again, before you take your judgmental stance, educate yourself.

4️⃣I talk in depth about climate change in the book. But I don’t need to anymore. We saw during the peak of COVID, that it was never the cows that caused significant greenhouse gases. I breakdown the math in the book for the questioners. But cows were never social distancing.

🌎So, on earth day, save the planet by skipping the trains, cars and planes and eat some regenerative agriculture cows.

🌱I don’t blame vegans for being upset. Most of them are passionate and care but they are misinformed. I’m sure most of them are pissed off by my posts but it only takes one planted seed to start the sprout.

🔥Truth cannot be denied.

💡I also think if vegans just ate some fat, they would be less angry. We NEED fat for mental health. Soybean oil is not going to do it.

🐄Vegans: You can share all the animal deaths with me but the circle of life is that animals help humans live and when we die, we give to the soils so they can eat the grass we fertilize.

💣Question your diet that requires supplementation.




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