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Microblog: Estrogens in Meat – The Hormone Levels in Food

Microblog: Estrogens in Meat – The Hormone Levels in Food

Have you ever worried about xenoestrogens and growth hormones in your meat? How about antibiotics?

❓Concerned with rising meat prices?

❓Do you know how meat gets to your grocery store?

❓Do you know how grass-fed or grain-fed differ?

❓Do you wonder how to best support your local farmers?

🎙I asked Paul about growth hormone injections and antibiotics. He shared these graphics with us. And as I said on the podcast, we tend to grab onto these small truths and nuances in nutrition.

A lot.

And most of us buy into it.

🌟But the truth is that context matters.

📖How many of you were worried about the hormones in your meat? I honestly was until I wrote @CarnivoreCure and did the research.

🌱I used to be plant-based, ate tofu multiple times a week on top of a bed of nearly 16 ounces of spinach a day. Some days, I even added quinoa for good measure.

And never once did I worry about estrogens then.

📊These graphics are a great reality check of why context matters.

❓Does non-growth hormone meat have less estrogen?


❓Does the amount move the needle (for wellness) compared to other foods?


🚨I often see the “new concern of the week” in the community. I see it all the time with my posts.

📍I share mineral water. I get concerns about PFOAs.

📍I share filtered tap water. I get concerns about RO and pH.

📍I share pork. I get concerns about PUFAs.

📍I share salmon. I get concerns about mercury.

Our world is toxic. The case can be made for everything.

⚠️Even grass-fed. Are the steers “clean” if they’re being raised next to the highway? Or are they really not getting any glyphosate GMOs when the neighbor farmer is using them?

‼️Last I checked, sprays move with the wind and rain.

💡YOU have to figure out what toxins you want to limit.

I’d rather drink restaurant water in a plastic cup and never order liver pâté again.

⛑Ultimately, figure out what makes sense for you.





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