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Microblog: Don’t Add Vegetables to Broths or Stocks

Microblog: Don’t Add Vegetables to Broths or Stocks

I used to think that having vegetables in our broth isn’t a big deal. I used to think that if it adds a bit of flavor and gets you to consume bone broth, then add the veggies, especially if you aren’t consuming the veggies.

📖While writing the antinutrient portion of @CarnivoreCure, I’ve since changed my mind.

🥦It is known in the Weston A. Price and ancestral diet parts of the world that the way to eat plant foods is by properly soaking and preparing. We accept that to be true and understand that by properly preparing plant foods it:
1️⃣ Breaks down SOME antinutrients
2️⃣ Makes some nutrients in the plants more bioavailable.

❓But what are some of the ways we remove the antinutrients?⠀

💦One of the BEST ways to remove antinutrients is by soaking (in water) and by blanching and boiling vegetables.⠀

⚠️Soaking pigeon peas between 6-18 hours decreased lectins by 38-50%, protease inhibitors by 28-30% and tannins by 13-25%. While that may sound good, the majority of antinutrients are still intact. So even soaking does not reduce all antinutrients.⠀

🥦Boiling cruciferous vegetables and even blanching spinach can reduce some antinutrients.⠀

⁉️But where do the antinutrients go??⠀

💧Sure, some evaporate but MAJORITY are in the water.⠀

🥕And when you cook your meat stock with vegetables like onions (oxalates, phytic acid, cyanogenic glycoside) and carrots (high oxalates, root vegetable = autoimmune), you are consuming liquid gold TAINTED with antinutrients.⠀

‼️What’s ironic is that many of us toss the vegetables out but the vegetables are MORE digestible and their nutrients more bioavailable once cooked.⠀

🚫The nutrients from the meats and soups are likely bound by antinutrients. The calcium from the bones will be inhibited by the oxalates… I can go on.

🧂Spices can be worse. Because most spices are dried up, they have heavier concentrations of antinutrients. They are also processed and some studies have shown that heavy metals are found in processed seasonings, especially when they’re from other countries.⠀

💡If you make stock or broth, I recommend staying away from adding vegetables. You don’t want to drink antinutrient soup.

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