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Microblog: Dispelling Mistruths from Ray Peat

Microblog: Dispelling Mistruths from Ray Peat

❌I’m TIRED of clarifying falsehoods from the RP diet. I was just told that just because the body doesn’t make an essential macro, doesn’t mean we need it. WHAT?

‼️PROVE IT. Since ALL RPers LOVE science (or is it because using technical jargon makes you more credible?)


There’s a functional test, the Organic Acid’s Test. They have over 5 markers for mitochondrial health. Most of my meat-based clients come out fine. You can test this constant argument of cellular energy being destroyed on zero carb.


We need fish. Many of my clients are FA deficient. They eat more fish, take fish oil supplements and their symptom burdens heal.

Fish is toxic is an ABSOLUTE falsehood.

Get your omega levels checked. My client that ate only grass-fed/finished beef still had higher LA levels. Let’s not discredit what the body does with it’s own checks/balances.


You can easily check these things. In @CarnivoreCure I talk about how all the cortisol checks have some flaws. If you aren’t sleeping through the night, manage your protein/fat ratios, manage stress and use magnesium spray at night (not a fan of supplementing). If your blood glucose is higher in the morning, you need to shift your macros by eating more fat and cutting down protein.

❗️Yes. Most women do not need to eat 2lbs of meat a day. Monitoring glucose is key here.

💡If you eat enough (+ tweaking macros) and manage lifestyle stressors, you should not have sleep issues. If you have issues, you need to personalize carnivore. I can assure you from all my meat-based clients, it was always the personalizing of carnivore that resolved issues—never the need to introduce carbs.


Because your leader seems to have a very difficult time speaking. Maybe some fish and ketones will help.

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