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Microblog: Did You Know That Plants Have PUFAs?

Microblog: Did You Know That Plants Have PUFAs?


🔥Sure, if we consume a lot of omega-6 fatty acids, we can risk insulin resistance and other diseases stemming from inflammation.

🐖At first sight, pork (pasture-raised is negligible) has 1,062 mg of omega 6 per 100 g serving and minimal omega 3s. And sure, chicken isn’t too good either.

❓Does that mean we should stop consuming pork and chicken unless it’s the highest quality?


PUFAS and the Carnivore Diet


1️⃣If you eat a meat-based diet, then the difference in omega-6 is negligible.

2️⃣If you feel you should stop the chicken and pork, then you better never touch olives, they’re far worse than pork.

3️⃣If we look solely at omega 6 to omega 3 ratios, then the canola oil ratio isn’t too bad. Lots of good omega 3s right?

🚫WRONG. In a 100 g serving, almost 23,000 mg of omega 6, is not ideal—no matter how much omega-3 there is. That doesn’t even take into account that these highly processed industrial seed oils are bleached, deodorized, and refined from gasoline remnants.

4️⃣Does too much omega-6 cause heart disease? If it does, then the very revered olive oil better be banned now. In terms of ratios, it’s FAR worse than any canola oil.

🍎If you started eating fruits and veggies because of hormones but stopped pork and chicken because of PUFAs, you also better stop the fruits and veggies.

💵I’ve taken a step away from social media to work on a book that I believe will help the Carnivore community. But this stirring of the pot with confusion is maddening.

📚PUFAs have become a big joke. This graphic didn’t even make it in @CarnivoreCure because for what reason would people need to read a graphic like this — other than the drama going on in the community right now? It’s truly unfortunate.

🙏🏼Let’s not destroy the Carnivore community we’ve worked so hard to build and love on. Meat has healed many of us. Let’s have others get a chance too.

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