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Microblog: COVID-19: Decline of Greenhouse Gas

Microblog: COVID-19: Decline of Greenhouse Gas

Image Source: National Geographic


✅FACT: Biden said he will make efforts to reduce climate change. He stated that in 9 years, he will find a 50% reduction by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner energy, etc.

❌FALSE: Biden said he would reduce meat to 2-3lbs a year per person.

Here are some other facts:
✅FACT: Americans eat an average of 11 ounces of meat a day.

✅FACT: The meat industry has lobbyists and they will protect their interests.

✅FACT: Bill Gates is now one of the biggest owners of farmland and is a proponent of plant-based foods.

✅FACT: Microsoft is a large contributor to presidential campaigns.

🥵Lots of noise this weekend over some false headlines. In fact if you look into the media outlets, some of the news briefs have already been pulled down.

🥩It’s scary to think that meat may be pulled but if we understand that greenhouse gas emissions aren’t really from animals, then we should have some comfort in knowing any meat reduction experiment won’t work long term.

🌈Even though the news over the weekend is false and sensationalistic, we must also understand that when we are constantly exposed to the same fake news, we start to believe it’s real.

🌱That is how most people believe that toxic Beyond Meat is good for them and willing to pay more than grass finished meats ($/pound).

⛑It’s not an easy situation but we must use discernment before reacting. In our society, rage is everywhere and let’s not contribute to it. It just makes daily living that much harder.

👥Try to understand what’s going on. Then share with your friends, family and loved ones the truth around greenhouse gas and even Beyond Meat.


🔥Anger does nothing but get in the way of change. You cannot convince someone with anger. Anger causes another to naturally become defensive.




Image Source: National Geographic




Image Source: Mercatus


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