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Microblog: Cortisol Outputs in the Body – Chronic Stress Culprits

Microblog: Cortisol Outputs in the Body – Chronic Stress Culprits

Cortisol does increase on a low carb/keto diet. But to say this is why we should STOP a low carb diet is taking science out of context.

🚨Cortisol is a stress hormone (made by the adrenals from cholesterol) to manage our state of fight or flight and blood sugar levels.

🚀One of the ways cortisol can achieve fast energy is by raising your blood glucose. Cortisol does this by tapping into your protein reserves to make glucose in the liver.

When we eat low carb, we will use cortisol for the body’s need to increase blood sugar.
🔥The problem comes when we have chronic stress. The body stays flooded with cortisol and blood sugar rises.
🔥If you’re under constant stress, your cortisol levels will stay high. And so will your blood sugar levels.

What does chronically high cortisol disease look like?
❗️Mood disorders
❗️Poor immune system
❗️Insulin resistance

⛔️Insulin is what will bring blood sugar levels down. When you become insulin resistant, you won’t absorb the blood sugar into the cells, causing higher blood sugar levels.

💡We do not see these diseases on a meat-based, low carb diet.

💣We DO see them on a moderate or high carbohydrate diet.
💣We DO see high cortisol with excessive exercise.
💣We DO see high cortisol with chronic life stressors.
💣We DO see high cortisol with sleep disturbances.

‼️To say we should stop low carb because of the excess use of cortisol is laughable. Excess cortisol disease DOESN’T exist in meat-only diets.

⁉️Tell me ONE person who has been strict meat-based for over 12 months and has NOT reduced their Type II diabetes levels?

✅Work on your lifestyle (meditation, sleep and sun)

✅Incorporate exercise to better balance cortisol on a low carb diet (but not too much)

✅Stop undereating, overly fasting and eat enough fat

💣And by the way, if you are going to eat carbs, you should stick to ones with the least fructose. FRUCTOSE (in fruits) cause MORE CORTISOL spikes than other carbs. (3rd graphic).

⚠️EVERYTHING causes cortisol to increase. Let’s put it in context and see what’s really the culprit of disease.

❌Let’s stop the BS and fear-mongering. It’s getting old.



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