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Microblog: Chronic Inflammation as the Root Cause

Microblog: Chronic Inflammation as the Root Cause

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Carnivore doesn’t heal everything.

💔We want to believe that diet fixes everything but for some people, it doesn’t.

🐄Diet goes a long way. A long, long way and it’ll help to reduce chronic inflammation and attacks from the food (or toxin) you put in your body.

🧊If you struggle from any modern-day disease, most of us will fare better by reducing inflammation in the body

🥩Carnivore is the most anti-inflammatory diet, as most people can tolerate meat.

🍽Once you remove food as a variable to illness, then you can find other root-cause issues that may be causing you to feel unwell.

🌟That is the true power of the carnivore diet.

⛑I advocate for meat-only carnivore because it helps everyone get to healing.

🍖Some people only need meat-only carnivore.

➕But others need meat-only carnivore to find the next part of the healing journey.

🥀And when we add carbs and other plant-based foods when we aren’t ready, we lose the path to find the next part of our healing journey.

🍯We’re back to “Am I reacting to… the fruit, or the honey, or the greens, or the rice, or the….”

We’re lost and back at square one.

📍Most people move in diet circles their whole lives trying to find the “right” diet and foods for their individual body.

🍗And if we go down to the bare basics of meat-only, we can move further along in our healing journey.

🧩Never give up on your healing journey. For some of us, carnivore completes the healing puzzle. For others, it’s a critical piece and more pieces need to be found.

🔥For some people, the next piece is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

⛑Find your pieces. Healing is always possible.

📺Check out the full YT episode: https://youtu.be/xObxYo2oPz4

🎙NwJ Podcast: https://nutritionwithjudy.buzzsprout.com/1848795/10385682-why-you-re-not-getting-better-with-carnivore-dr-eric-dorninger

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