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Microblog: Christmas 2020 – The Cho Family

Microblog: Christmas 2020 – The Cho Family

A very early merry Christmas from the Cho family.

📍This year really hasn’t been easy but we’ve worked hard to have some semblance of normalcy. More than anything, I’ve worked hard to have my kids feel like this year was no different than any other. I don’t talk about it much on social media but we now homeschool my kids and the plan is for it to be permanent.

👬🏻My kids have become the best of friends and most importantly, this year, they’ve learned the importance of working hard. With @CarnivoreCure, they’ve been there every step of the way. From the delivery of paper samples, book mockups, shipments and mailings, they’ve seen how much work it takes to see things through.

📚They’ve experienced grit and felt the emotions, every step of the way. I highly recommend reading Grit by Angela Duckworth. The kids will appreciate things more if they experience the full process than just seeing the end result.

🦋For these moments, I’m unbelievably grateful.

👋🏼I plan to take several days off of social media to spend more time with family and to practice Chapter 17 of the book.

♥️Thank you for all the love and support for @CarnivoreCure. Let’s stop using band-aids and let’s get to root cause healing.

⛑Heal the gut. Use a meat-based elimination diet and personalize carnivore to work for you.

In love and health,









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