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Microblog: Changing Dietary Guidelines Through the People

Microblog: Changing Dietary Guidelines Through the People

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Watch the full interview here.




Yes, our healthcare is broken.


Yes, our food recommendations are broken.


But we can change things. We vote with our dollars. We can have grassroots movements that can change things.


More and more I see stores like Walmart carry organic foods. They’re not doing it because they truly care for the consumer. They do it because it brings in revenue.


Stores sell what sells.


When we buy less packaged and processed foods, we tell big food we don’t want their junk. When we buy less seed oils and buy more tallow or even olive oil, they will be forced to change to continue to make profit.


Sure, big corps will always try to cut costs but it’s a way we can have less crappy foods out there.


It starts with us.


One person, one @belindafettke, one Harvey Wiley at a time. ♥️🥩


📺 Full interview with @belindafettke https://youtu.be/z0H6COAx5RI


🎙Full interview on podcast: https://nutritionwithjudy.buzzsprout.com/1848795/11721803-205-exposing-the-secrets-of-the-plant-based-vegetarian-guidelines-belinda-fettke

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