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Microblog: Carnivore Cure – Tips to Start Carnivore

As @CarnivoreCure is getting ready to print, I had to do one final review of the FAQ section. I’ll be sharing some common FAQs in the coming days so make sure to follow!

✅Here are some basic tips to get started on a carnivore diet. I talk more detail about getting started in @CarnivoreCure and some of these items are covered, such as meal planning.

🥩Meal planning is important when you first start so that you never excuse yourself by saying, “I was so hungry and there was nothing to eat.” If you have some beef patties or steaks cooked, you can heat them up quickly. Planning is so critical for success in anything.

💊Even though Carnivore, if done properly, is the ultimate elimination diet, nearly everyone can benefit from more stomach acid (HCl), digestive enzymes and spore probiotics.

⛑I’ve worked with many carnivores that don’t fully heal with a meat-based diet. They end up needing a more personalized, targeted care for gut health issues, adrenal support, fatty acid deficiencies or even nutritional deficiencies.

⚠️Yes, you can be B-vitamin deficient even on a meat-based diet. If you don’t have the gut health to break down your meats, how are you absorbing your nutrients?

🐟And yes, you can be fatty acid deficient, even on a high-fat diet. That is why it’s dangerous for trendy diets to say stop using fish oils because of PUFAs and fish rancidity. That’s not true. Info you hear that says fish oil supplements are rancid because pufas are delicate fats, is just false. Sorry.

Sure, some are poor quality but
1️⃣ Fish oils are not in the PUFA form in supplements 🤦🏻‍♀️ and
2️⃣ the triglyceride form of fish oils breaks down into PUFAs naturally in the body. So no concern of fish rancidity (or less of it).

💡 Stick to traditional diets. They’re tried and true.

⛔️Don’t get the ethyl ester form of fish oil supplements. Those are trash. How do you know? If your fish oils are really cheap, likely they’re made with ethyl esters.

💣There’s a lot of misinformation out there.

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